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The large number of technologies, combined with many material leads to difficulties to select the adequate method fitting with your project in regard to the active, the application, the industrial production and the cost. Limiting the inputs, reducing the by-products, moving from batch process to continuous process, taking in consideration the dow processing, or storage of capsules are some of the key of success of a microencapsulation production.
Many industrial processes are just a transposition from the lab protocole or based trial-and-error. They are then running in non optimal conditions (down to 20% of efficacy), not reliable and with a high production cost.

To support you in your development, we offer
more than 30 years experience in microencapsulation:

  • More than 100 scientific articles and 100 conference contributions
  • President of the association “Bioencapsulation research Group” for 27 years
  • Organizer of more than conferences, industrial conventions and training school
  • Chairperson of two COST actions and one European Space agency topical team
  • Participation to several European collaborative projects and Marie Curie networks
  • Involved in number of industrial projects, including industrial production optimisation
  • A unique network of several thousands contacts on microencapsulation