Microencapsulation : a real challenge for optimised industrial production

Selecting a best microencapsulation process is challenging due to the large number of technologies and materials but also energy, environmental, legal and cost contraints Limiting the inputs, reducing the by-products, considering the dow processing is some aspects to be considered while looking for best compromise between immobilisation, protection, controlled release and functional properties.
Many industrial processes are just a transposition from the lab protocole or based trial-and-error. They are then running in non optimal conditions, not reliable and high production cost.

We offer an unique expertise on microencapsulation

  • more than 30 years experience in microencapsulation,
  • More than 140 scientific articles and 100 conference contributions,
  • President of the association “Bioencapsulation research Group” for 28 years,
  • Organizer of more than 80 conferences, industrial conventions and training school,
  • Chairperson of two COST actions and one European Space agency topical team,
  • Participation to several European collaborative projects and Marie Curie networks,
  • Involvement in number of industrial projects, including industrial production optimisation,
  • A unique network of several thousands contacts on microencapsulation

To support you in your development, we offer :

  • Re-evaluation of the lab "recipe" to scalable protocole,
  • Parametric determination of the key factors of your process,
  • Innovative and specific analysis of your objectives, process and product constraints
  • Cost evaluation of the production
  • Support to find suppliers for your equipments and materials