Prof Denis Poncelet
1976 - 1980Master in chemistry from Liège University (Belgium)
1980 - 1981Master in High School Education
1981 - 1982High school teacher
1982 - 1986PhD in science from Liège University (Belgium)
1986 - 1992Research associate and adjunct professor at McGill University (Canada)
1992 - 1993Senior researcher at Flamel Technologies, Vénissieux, France
1993 - 1999Full professor, Biochemistry department, ENSAIA-INPL, Vandoeuvre, France
2002 - 2006Associate professor at laval University, Canada
1999 - 2016Full Professor, Food Engineering department at Oniris, Nantes, France
Since 1991President of the Bioencapsulation Research Group (international association created at McGill University) Organiser of more than 80 conferences, industrial conventions and training schools on microencapsulation
2006 - 2017Co-founder and scientific advertiser of Capsulae sarl (France), developing microencapsulation methods for industries
Since 2008Initiator and adviser of Impascience eurl (France), organising and managing scientific events, including conferences, industrial convention and training school
Authors more than 140 articles and book chapters, editor of one book, 200 conferences, 5 patents related to microencapsulation